Ensuite Trailers

Trailer with portable toilets

These ensuite trailers are the perfect solution for campsite use and if you are undergoing the lengthy process of bathroom renovations.  Our goal is to provide the hire equipment you need for any occasion. Our ensuite trailers provide great flexibility for the location and deliver consistently hot water, a vital aspect of any good shower.  […]

Double Toilet Trailers


Double toilet trailers provide flexibility for any event, regardless of location. If the toilet needs to be mobile and easily moved around, these are a great option.  If you are travelling out into the great outdoors, away from any towns or buildings, the double toilet trailer will provide you with an easy and convenient solution […]

Catering Sinks

Event Catering Sink

The last thing people want to be doing when travelling or setting up for an event is to be worrying about all the finer details. Let us put your mind at ease by providing versatile hot water sinks for any occasion.  Our catering sinks feature a double bowl set-up with a separate hand wash basin. […]

Hand Sanitisers

Hand Sanitiser

In today’s climate, providing quick and easy ways to maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness is vital. Our hand sanitiser stations are the perfect solution.  Our hand sanitiser stations are waterless and can hold four hand sanitiser dispensers. This is incredibly handy for a small or large event as these dispensers provide up […]

Hand Wash

Hand Wash machine

The beauty of hiring a hand wash station means that if there is no water connection available, you can be rest assured that you will still have access to water. We provide these stations to ensure that you have as little to worry about as possible.  It can be stressful when heading to a location […]

Single Showers

Single Showers

We provide portable showers that are complete with everything you may need, regardless of the location or occasion. We will ensure that you hire the right portable shower to match your needs.  We have several portable showers to choose from including portable showers and shower trailers.  PORTABLE SHOWER If you have undertaken bathroom renovations or […]