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06 Jun

Our journey to Quipco

The rebranding of Quipco

Over the years, we have been known by many names and brands, including TPT Hire, Dunnies with a Difference, Site Services Australia and Toowoomba Portable Toilets. However, since we have broadened our service offering to include a wide range of additional services, we have also found that our name and branding needed a makeover. And so, Quipco was created. 

We are proud to stand behind our new brand and will continue to deliver the same high-quality service that we have a reputation for, just with the new name, Quipco.

Broadening our service horizons

Our new branding and name, Quipco, pays respect to the proud history we have as an equipment company, whilst also reflecting our expansion. 

The business was established as Toowoomba Portable Toilets to provide builders and event organisers in Toowoomba with high quality toilets backed by industry leading service. We are still providing quality, reliable equipment for hire and have expanded over time to include commercial cleaning services and liquid waste services. It’s all part of our commitment to provide trustworthy, professional service across key categories where we can be the best provider for our customers. 

Continuing to provide excellent services

We will continue to hire equipment that is suitable for any event or function, as well as providing commercial cleaning and liquid waste services to all our new and returning customers. No matter where you are located, in Toowoomba or the surrounding regions, we can help you. 

Completely customer focused

Our customers have always been, and will remain, our highest priority. In all our interactions with customers, we want them to walk away with the same level of satisfaction that they have always experienced with us. After all, our exceptional customer service isn’t changing, only our name. 

We are dedicated to ensuring that all our customers are enabled to provide great community outcomes through the provision of high-quality equipment, commercial cleaning services and liquid waste removal services from the leading company in the region, Quipco. 

We work hard to make your goals, our goals

We cannot overstate how much we value our customers here at Quipco. A large factor behind the decision to rebrand was that we wanted to ensure our brand aligned to the quality and breadth of service our customers have come to expect from us. 

Our broadened service offering means we are more than ready to work with you to achieve your goals. We aren’t happy unless you’re happy, and we truly mean that. We will work alongside you to fully understand what your goals and expectations are and will strive to help you achieve all of that and more. 

Our name is changing, but the quality isn’t

Changing our name and branding from Toowoomba Portable Toilets to Quipco doesn’t change the high level of quality services or equipment that we are proud to provide. Quipco will remain the number one provider of portable toilets and showers for construction and events in the region, still delivering the highest quality service and equipment possible.

The name Quipco simply shows that we provide a wider range of services, including commercial cleaning and liquid waste removal services. Our customers will still experience the same great quality that has come to be expected of us but have access to a broader range of services. It’s all part of making sure that our customers are satisfied. 

Servicing a wider range of people

With our change to Quipco, we have ensured that our brand reflects the services and equipment we provide to a broader range of customers. We provide professional and high-quality equipment hire and cleaning services to the majority of events that occur within our region. This includes small private functions all the way up to major regional events, such as the Carnival of Flowers. 

Not only can we provide equipment hire for these events and functions but we also provide portable toilets and end-of-build cleaning services for local building companies, national homebuilders and renovators. Our equipment hire services also extend to infrastructure, construction and maintenance projects that may be undertaken by councils or private businesses operating in the region. Regardless of the context, we are here to help. 

We are still passionate about serving Toowoomba and the surrounding areas

Quipco is still locally owned and based in Toowoomba and we love the region and our local community. We are still committed to serving all the people of Toowoomba and the surrounding regions, providing the same exceptional customer service, just with a wider variety of services on offer. 

All our services and equipment hire are tailored to be as efficient and effective as possible when serving our local customers. We are proud to partner with and be relied on by a wide range of local businesses, organisations, councils and individuals. Here at Quipco, we understand our customers and the region, and as a result, we understand what’s important. 

The future of Quipco

No matter what our name is, we still provide the same outstanding customer service, have the same great team and the same exceptional products and services. We’ve just grown and expanded to reflect the needs of our customers. 

Interested in getting started with us? Get in touch with us today and start the Quipco journey. We look forward to partnering with you to meet your goals today. 

We can help you with your next event or build.

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