Shopping Centre Cleaning

Are you looking for a reliable shopping centre cleaner that can ensure your shopping centres and retail stores are kept sparkling clean? The cleanliness of shopping centres makes an impact on your customers and your staff. We are here to ensure that you make a positive and lasting impression.

Whether you are a part of the HR team of a large shopping centre corporation or are managing the centre yourself as a facilities manager or shopping centre manager, if you are looking to onboard a new cleaning company, you are in luck; Quipco can provide a team of professional cleaners to ensure spotless public areas within your shopping centre.

Our Toowoomba-based team are proud to offer our services to local shopping centres and beyond. So if you are thinking of hiring cleaning services for a large shopping centre, read along, and we will establish why we are the right team for the job.

Shopping Centre Cleaning

What is shopping centre cleaning?

Shopping centre cleaning is a specialised cleaning service. A typical shopping centre cleaning service will include floor cleaning, restroom cleaning, window cleaning, food court cleaning, parking area cleaning, emergency cleaning (because these things happen), elevator cleaning, waste management and sometimes specialised cleaning services like escalator cleaning.

Overall, by hiring a shopping centre cleaning company like Quipco, you can guarantee the ongoing maintenance of a hygienic and clean centre. As shopping centres are large commercial establishments with extended operating hours, they require frequent and thorough cleaning.

Usually, thorough cleaning is completed outside of shopping hours to ensure business isn’t disturbed and customers can go about their shopping without having to be cautious of wet floors or blocked-off areas. In saying that, emergencies happen, and naturally, drinks get dropped, products get smashed, and little ones have accidents, so cleaning service may also be required during shopping hours.

Cleaning services that are provided for shopping centres must adhere to strict health and safety regulations to ensure that customers and staff alike experience a clean and safe environment.

Why choose Quipco for shopping centre cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is a bit of an art form, requiring a keen eye for detail as well as dedicated staff with in-depth cleaning experience. Cleaning shopping centres requires specialised equipment for maintaining cleanliness in such a large space. Here at Quipco, we have ten years of commercial cleaning experience, from window cleaning to keeping floors spotless, dusting dirt from shop fronts, or providing front office cleaning if required; our team understand the responsibility of keeping a shopping centre clean.

So, if you are looking for a team you can trust to maintain the ongoing cleanliness of your shopping centre, there’s no looking past Quipco. Keep reading to discover why Quipco is the best fit for your shopping centre.

Comprehensive services

We offer a wide range of commercial services, so you don't have to rely on multiple companies for different aspects of your cleaning. Instead, we operate as a one-stop shop for all of your commercial cleaning services. Every shopping centre operates differently and will therefore have personalised expectations for a team of cleaners. We happily customise our service to your expectations, working to overdeliver on your expectations.

A glowing reputation

With ten years of experience and plenty of happy customers behind us, our name means something when it comes to cleaning. We are proud of our reputation as thorough cleaners, but we are equally proud of our reputation as being a friendly and fair company. We aim to treat all of our customers as individuals and provide you with genuine customer service instead of salesy pitches. We are locals serving locals, so we like to keep things simple while proving ourselves through our work.

Experience in commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning and residential cleaning require different skill sets. A shopping centre is quite a bit bigger than a house. So, when hiring a shopping centre cleaning team, it's a good idea to look for businesses that offer commercial services; this way, you can ensure that the team you hire can handle the scale of the job. Luckily, here at Quipco, we offer a range of services outside of shopping centre cleaning, including office cleaning, event cleaning for weddings, festivals or corporate events, building cleaning services for construction sites and council cleaning services. All this is to say; we won't be in over our heads. We take on big cleans, and we thrive in doing so.

Expert staff

A company is only as good as its staff. At Quipco, we understand that. That's why all of our staff undergo training to ensure the same consistent quality across all of our clients. We support our staff in learning new skill sets and further developing their cleaning expertise, both on and off the job. When you make a booking with Quipco, you can expect a premium cleaning experience from our reliable staff.

Attention to detail

Perhaps the single most important quality that you should be searching for in a cleaning company — attention to detail. This can make or break a cleaning job. We are proud of our company's strict standards when it comes to detailed cleaning. We don't cut corners, and we don't skip things that we think will go unnoticed. These things catch up with you in the long run, and we know we can't continue to work with our incredible customers unless our service is of the highest quality, time and time again. That's why we provide you with a comprehensive clean and never skim the details.

Flexible scheduling

In this economy, flexibility is more important than ever. Things change, and things come up; regardless of this, Quipco is here to help. For our regular cleans, we are happy to work around your schedule. We operate on weekends, after hours and during standard work hours, so we are more than available to find a solution for your shopping hours. Furthermore, we are happy to arrange any additional cleans that may be required for shopping centre events, functions or emergencies.

Health and safety compliance

Working in a public space, especially in a large commercial space like a shopping centre, health and safety compliance is very important. There is plenty of foot traffic day in and day out, and any mistakes can cause an unpleasant or unsafe experience for your visitors. That's not what you want, and therefore that's not what we want. Our team is diligent about following health and safety guidelines to ensure a comfortable and safe experience for everybody that uses your facility. We are happy to customise our service to your centre, noting any centre-specific health or safety concerns and gaining a proper understanding of the requirements for your space.

Friendly communication

Outside of our sparkling detail-orientated cleans, we pride ourselves on how we handle business. When working with Quipco, you will be dealing with a real person every single time. We are a local company working with local people, so we communicate that way. We are here to support you with any queries you have before booking, any questions you have during and any feedback you have after our service. We are always looking to find a solution that our client is happy with.

Jargon-free quotes

Commercial cleaning is a huge industry; within that industry, there are a lot of companies that provide quotes that are full of jargon and hidden fees. We don't want you to have to experience any surprises; after all, we aim to form long-term partnerships with our customers. That's why we are upfront about our services and their costs. If you are wanting to reach out and get an idea of pricing, we offer free quotes for all potential customers. So, let's find a budget we are both happy with; get in touch today.

Where do we operate?

We are a Toowoomba-based business and a proud one at that, so we love operating across rural South East Queensland when the opportunity arises. However, we offer our event cleaning services in the following regions:

Get in touch for spotless commercial cleaning services

So that settles it; if you are looking to fill shopping centre cleaning jobs, Quipco is the team you have been looking for. We can provide you with professional, experienced cleaners who understand the ins and outs of shopping centre cleaning. Furthermore, we have been operating for ten years with a trail of happy customers behind us, so we aren’t walking into this role blindfolded. Instead, our extensive commercial cleaning experience will allow us to help your business to get the results you desire.

So, let’s keep your shopping centre clean, your staff comfortable, and your customers happy. For hassle-free commercial cleaning, reach out to our friendly team for a jargon-free quote and let’s embark on a dazzling clean shopping centre journey together.