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22 Nov

What is a Builders Clean?

NOTE: This is a legacy service that we no longer offer. 

If you work in the construction space, whether as a builder, another contractor or even as a home renovator, you might have heard of the term ‘builders clean’. However, there is sometimes some confusion about what a builders clean is, what it includes, and what the benefits are, so let’s take a closer look.

What is a builders clean?

The term ‘builders clean’ refers to the post-construction clean completed on-site by the builders once a project ends. Usually, a builders clean is completed by an outsourced contractor that specialises in providing this service.

The definition of a builder’s clean has changed over recent years. In its earliest incarnation, a builder clean referred to a basic clean completed by the builder, which included vacuuming, tidying floors, window cleaning, and removing any coverings that were in place to protect the building during construction.

Today, a contracted builder is expected to leave a project in a state that is fit for residents or workers to occupy it. A building project is not complete without post-construction cleaning, which is a part of the preparation necessary for presenting the finished building to your clients. As clients’ expectations grow, so must the quality of your builders clean.

What is The Difference Between a Builders Cleaning Service And Domestic Cleaning?

Naturally, builders have the capacity to leave a space ‘messier’ than the tenants of a residential building would in the normal course of their stay. The construction industry works with building materials and power tools and can create more cleaning work, dirt and debris than day-to-day living would. As well as this, defects such as splattered render and paint are removed during a builders clean. This delicate work is not undertaken by a standard domestic cleaner. A builders clean is a comprehensive and thorough clean that attempts to convert a construction zone into a livable or commercially ready space. A builders clean will also usually involve waste disposal, unlike a domestic clean.

A Quipco employee performing a builders clean in a commercial space

Benefits of a Builders Clean

There are four main benefits of conducting a comprehensive builders clean after completing a construction project. These benefits include:

The tenants or occupants can move in when a builder’s cleaning is complete. This means that a builders clean goes beyond just ‘sweeping up’ after the completion of a construction project and instead involves getting it commercially ready for the client. Not only is this practical, but it sells the services of the builder to their clients, showing off the final product in its best light. Thirdly, all waste is properly and professionally disposed of in line with any regulatory requirements. Lastly, employing a professional builders cleaning service is more cost-effective for builders.

How Long do Builders Cleans Take?

There are a variety of factors that will influence how long a builders’ clean will take. It’s advisable to speak with an expert to get a free quote and determine the length of time estimated for your project. A few factors to consider include; the size of the building site, the materials used, the type of flooring, how tidy the workers have been, and whether or not initial cleaning has taken place. 

What's included in a Builders Clean?

Every company differs, so we will take a look at what’s included in an after builders clean by Quipco.

A kitchen after a builders clean by Quipco

What Are The Two Stages of a Builders Clean?

There are usually two stages involved in a builder clean; the initial clean and a fine-detailed clean.

The Initial Clean

This is the first stage of the cleaning process, in which all debris, dust and rubbish are removed from the building’s surfaces. This is often completed during the middle of construction. For example, dust may need to be removed so that tiles can be laid without problems. Prior to a client doing a walkthrough, builders will ensure that whoever they hire has done an initial clean so that any trade defects are easily detected. This enables better communication between a client and the contractor, allowing them to point out necessary changes during a project’s completion.

Key difference: The initial cleaning is completed during the middle of construction. 

Final Detailed Clean

The final clean completes the end-of-build cleaning service. This cleaning is very in-depth and includes the removal of trade defects such as any render splatter on windows, the straightening of grout lines, removing paint marks from floorboards, removing grout haze on tiles and much more. This cleaning service is a top-of-the-line effort that lets the builders’ hard work and dedication shine.

Key difference: The final clean is completed at the end of the project and leaves everything in top-notch condition.

Are You Looking For a Toowoomba Builders Clean?

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A quipco employee polishing floors as part of a builders clean

What's the next step?

If you are looking to take the next step in hiring building cleaners to tidy up after your construction work, get in contact with our friendly team at Quipco and take the stress out of your hands. You can reach us on 1300 333 100, or if you would prefer to fill out our contact form, please find it here. We will provide you with a quick, transparent, and highly competitive quote to clearly understand what it looks like to move forward with our services.

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